Transforming the lives of women

Whatever circumstances have led to a woman arriving at Logifem’s doors, our goal is that she will leave the shelter with new courage, confidence and hope.


Caring for families

Some of Logifem’s rooms are for women with children under 12 years old. Our largest family room can accommodate a mother with three children. We also have seven transitional apartments for families.


Logifamille - new apartments

Logifem now has seven apartments for women with children. Read more about our services for families.



Logifem receives women on an emergency basis for one or two nights and in our shelter for up to one year. We offer the possibility to live in a transitional apartment for up to 5 years.


Logifem welcomes mothers with full or part-time custody of their children, aged 0-12 years.


Logifem organises activities for its residents that can help and empower them in difficult times of physical, social, emotional, psychological or spiritual need.

News & Events

Logifem plans special events for residents, volunteers and donors. Learn more!

Helping hands

Get help

Logifem provides support in a community living environment with the help of a committed intervention team. Our vision is to be a transforming force in the lives of women in difficulty.

Get Involved

Logifem needs you! If you would like to volunteer as an individual or as a group, please let us know!

We count on the generous support of our donors to change the lives of women in need.


Over 25 Years of Transforming Lives

Logifem’s mission is to help and empower women in difficulty (with or without children) with physical, social, emotional, psychological and spiritual needs to face the future with strength, courage, hope and dignity.

Latest news

Trafalgar students volunteer at Logifem

Our names are Abigail, Jaylin, Julia and Yanting we are students at Trafalgar School for Girls. This past 2015/2016 winter we had the opportunity to volunteer at Logifem. The reason is we are taking part in the Youth and Philanthropy Initiative where we compete to win... read more

From our President, Joan Soares

With Christmas approaching and the New Year just around the corner; I am excited about what lies ahead for Logifem! This past year has been a year of transition for our organization. We completed the construction of our new apartment complex and welcomed 6 new... read more


For once I can see my way out of debt and stress free. I am very happy that I got a chance to experience living at Logifamille.

My experience living at Logifamille

Logifem has provided my children and me with shelter, food and support. All of the workers at Logifem have provided me with support and shown such kindness and generosity.

Experience of a mother at Logifem