Logifamille offers 6 beautiful apartments for mothers and their children. The women pay only 25% of their revenue as rent and this allows them the opportunity to stabilize their financial situation. The women were extremely grateful when moving into these newly renovated apartments on February 15, 2015. Many of these women had never experienced living in an apartment that was clean, safe, and made new. Their new physical environment has made a profound change in these women; living in such a space has elevated their self-worth. The women are able to work on their individual objectives and begin to move forward towards a more stable life.

The women were provided with new refrigerators, stoves, and washers and dryers. In some cases, where the women did not have any, we provided furnishings such as tables and chairs, sofas and beds, carpets and desks.

We want to thank the following donors for their generosity:

  • La Fondation Jacques Francoeur
  • La Fondation Charles Cusson
  • Fondation Home Dépôt Canada
  • Several Ministries of the Government of Québec

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