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New video

This video explores the role of Logifem's Intervention Workers in helping our residents move forwards in their lives:

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Employee Celebration Week

We started this year's Employee Celebration Week with an Ice Cream bar, included a visit to the Eco Museum and ended it with a special coffee break. Why do we have an Employee Celebration Week at Logifem? Because it's our hardworking employees who ensure that every...

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Summer 2017

Much has changed over the winter months……. In March, Logifem celebrated the 10th year anniversary of employment of Beatrice our cook, and Emerly, who is in charge of our boutique and food bank. Beatrice provides great meals that the residents look forward to day after...

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Pauline’s Interview

What brought you to Logifem ? I was doing a presentation on the Pregnancy Counselling Centre in the early 90’s and Benny Benoy (the founder of Logifem) was present. He approached me after and said “I hope that you come to work at Logifem one day”. After several years...

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