pauline-1What brought you to Logifem ?

I was doing a presentation on the Pregnancy Counselling Centre in the early 90’s and Benny Benoy (the founder of Logifem) was present. He approached me after and said “I hope that you come to work at Logifem one day”. After several years in other ministries and after a work contract came to an end in 1997, I thought of his invitation and called Claire Muirhead, the then Director of L.F. to ask if there was any employment. There happened to be a temporary position for a “jack of all trades” and here I am after 20 years!

Could you name some highlights of your 20 years sojourn at Logifem?pauline-2

The 10th Anniversary of Logifem : Benny Benoy, the founder was there, and it was great to speak with him to get to know the heart of the man who had this great vision for women in difficulty.

The 20th Anniversary of Logifem: It was great to see the demonstration of support of the donors for the women of L.F. even after Benny B. had passed on. The residents were present and had the chance to meet the supporters.

Finally, the progress of some of the women after leaving Logifem, the steadiness of the growth of this organisation and the partnerships that has been built in the broader community.

pauline-3What will you miss the most when you leave?

The children! It is well-known that all the children know Pauline’s name and face more than any other, so they will miss her too! Also there are the residents, contributing to the mission, the variety of tasks and responsibilities and connecting with the community. As with the children, the many people in the community that Pauline has encountered in her work remember her face and name and will miss her – Starbuck’s, Home Depot, Ganash Palace, Cool and Simple, Salvation Army, Moisson Montréal, the post office, the local pharmacy and our many volunteers !

You will be missed by so many people, here at Logifem and in the community. We wish you all the best as you transition into your new role as pastor in a local church. You are not far away and can come to visit!pauline-4