My stay at Logifem has enabled me to take care of myself and to reorganise my life after several very challenging events last year.

Here, I have met other women who, like me, needed friendly company, conversation and some group activities. At Logifem there are activities and workshops almost every day. The bedrooms are comfortable and well organised. We feel safe. The food is excellent: varied and abundant.

The Intervention Workers are available, encouraging and ready to listen. Our meetings with them are always positive and instructive. They help us in our daily life and in our development.

I now feel ready to take hold of my life again, calmly, confidently and with determination, knowing that I am capable to make clear choices. Mistakes are possible – who doesn’t make them?! We reflect, we forgive ourselves, we accept and we make the adjustments necessary to start again with self-assurance.

Thank you to all for your support, your generosity and your kind words.