My work at Logifem is an experience that enriches my life on a daily basis, as much on the professional as on the personal level.  It is a privilege to journey with the women and children in difficulty who come knocking at our door, looking for help.

The psychosocial support that we offer, the listening, and more, puts us in contact with people bruised by life, but who have dignity and potential.

Personally the fact that Logifem’s values are those of the Gospel resonates with me because they are rooted in the Christian tradition of loving one’s neighbour, caring for the weakest and having compassion.

When I walk through Logifem’s doors, many challenges present themselves, but these are what form me.  The good humour of the women, the understanding and collaboration between colleagues, these are moments that I savour and that make Logifem a family.

I thank all those that make this possible.

Anne-Marie Kabongo, Intervention Worker