Volunteering at Logifem, working in the garden, helping prepare and serve dinner and simply talking with the many wonderful women that live and work there, has been an enriching experience for me. The staff shows a sincere kindness, understanding and patience to all they come in contact with. The residents benefit greatly from their warmth and encouragement. I have felt welcomed and valued from the moment I began. It is a pleasure for me to be a part of this establishment and to really feel like a member of the team! D.W.


laurenI count myself fortunate – I have an extraordinary, loving mother who taught me the greatest gift in life is to be kind and to smile to all those you encounter, even if they are strangers. As a teenager, volunteering for credits was mandatory for my secondary education. Since entering my twenties and working full-time, I’ve wanted to give back but found myself too preoccupied with the day to day conventions of my own life. I told myself that I simply didn’t have the time. This past summer, I had an epiphany when I said, “enough excuses”, and researched the different ways I could get involved.  I came across Logifem and was immediately inspired from the testimonials written about the shelter. While I wasn’t too sure in which capacity I could lend a hand, I was more than willing to do whatever they needed me to do. I was asked if an arts & crafts workshop would be of interest. Working in fashion, I consider myself to be a creative oriented person but was unsure how to apply that into tangible form. In full disclosure, at my first workshop, I was a nervous wreck.  I had never done something like this before. We drew Picasso self-portraits in abstract from where I saved the last fifteen minutes for the women to share what inspired them to draw what they did. I was incredibly moved by what the women said. I left crying and profoundly moved by the sincerity and generosity these women have for one another. With every workshop, I get to know the women a little better. The joy of making simple crafts for a few hours with these women fulfills me in a way I am so grateful for. I may be new to the shelter but so long as they’ll allow me to set up shop, I won’t be going anywhere. Logifem inspires me to do better in all aspects of my life with the beautiful community they’ve created. L.P.